Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hanging Treads

This excavator is going to have to do a bit better in the surf if he ever wants to go to Bell's Beach.

Edit 22-6-2013: Additional Photos


Unknown said...

Do you have an explanation for this?

I cannot think of a possible reason to have a digger in the surf...

mines qld said...

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olegirl said...

putting in the crabpots.!

Anonymous said...

I suspect this could be on the south coast of the UK where excavators and dozers are used for building and repairing beach defences. With a tidal range of between 5m and 7m, a bogged or broken down excavator could easily end up that deep in the water as the tide comes up. The shingle looks right and rocks like the one in the foreground of the middle picture are used to build groynes.

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