Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dragline Recovery of Dozer

This is a novel way to recover a dozer which has fallen onto its side in a hole. However, it would also be pretty expensive, given what draglines are worth per hour. Unless it was impeding dragline operations, it would be much cheaper to get in a crane to do this job.

Edit: As pointed out by a keen-eyed reader, these are actually separate incidents. The first two photos are from an incident on his site. The three photos with the dragline are a separate incident.

These first two photos are from an incident in which a dozer fell into a hole while cleaning out the base of the ROM to gain access to the Hoppers. It was recovered by a 300t crane.

If you look at the photos above and below, you can see the difference in the ripper shank arrangement. This incident occured in the Hunter Valley.

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Anonymous said...

The dozer being recovered by the dragline was from an incident at a coal mine in Wyoming, USA

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