Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dozer vs Light Vehicle

This photo was in my collection, and I just posted it without knowing the story. Fortunately, a reader did, and here's the story behind the photo:

The photo you posted on your site today was run over by a bulldozer at Goonyella / Riverside by Helvory Contractors {now known as HMP}. The story is that the dozer operater had to go to a different area to work in it was night shift and as he drove the dozer down off the bench he had the blade up in the front. The troopcarrier was parked up (with no one in it) in a unlit area. The dozer operator didn't see it, and collected it and it was rolling in front of the dozer until he traveled about 20 metres until someone told him to stop and look what was under his blade.

That's one of the many reasons why light vehicles have flags these days. Thanks, Owen!

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Dark Orange said...

They had flags back in them days as well - you can see the remains of the flag still attached to the light bar.

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