Sunday, June 6, 2010

Deliberate Rear-Dumper vs Light Vehicle

Back in the days before Mining Mayhem, it wasn't so easy to get ahold of photos showing what happens when a light vehicle and rear-dumper meet. So BHP decided to give an object lesson to their employees, by having a deliberate run-over. These are the results.

Also note that the rear dumper is empty. That Cruiser would be a lot flatter if the truck was full.


federalnoise said...

i bet that was fun. flattened out pretty decent too :)

Anonymous said...

This was done at Century mine in Qld by Pasminco and the REJV (Roche Eltin Joint Venture). The troopy had the engine removed for safety reasons, hence the reason the shell is so flat.
This available on video. It was/is shown in their induction.

OLEGIRL said...

I was there that day,still remember the looks on the Pasminco peoples faces.I was RE7,the drivers name was Plugger.!Rekons he hardly felt a thing.! The truck was an 830 Komatsu.

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