Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tub Pullout - Big Muskie

'Big Muskie' was the largest dragline ever built, with a 168m3 bucket. Pulling out the tub required a fair bit of effort.


Anonymous said...

you can see the bucket off of the big muskie west of interstate 77 between cambridge and marietta ohio

Anonymous said...

your statement that it took some effort to pull the old tub out and back in was roughly 27,000 hp. I know because I was a welder riding the tub both out and back in. I figured the hp of each machine and then added them up. Ibelieve that the new tub weighed around 4 million pounds. We had about ten sets of rr track on ties for it to slide on JR Few

Anonymous said...

amazing sir. my uncle help build the muskie

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