Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunrise Dam Highwall Failure

Since tonight is the Masterchef finale, I thought I'd have a bit of cross-promotion. If you've watched the show this year, you'll know that the contestants went to the Sunrise Dam mine in WA for one of their challenges.

This major highwall failure comes from the same mine, and occurred earlier this year. These photos were sent in by a reader. Thanks!


Coal mine insurance said...

is it ok if mine photos that are not from america be contributed?

Mining Mayhem said...

Any photos from around the world will be gratefully accepted.

Anonymous said...

To give you an idea of the scale of the photo that is an EX1900 digger in the pic, i heard it shifted around 60m from where it was parked before the blast

Anonymous said...

WOW MAN!!! SO glad i got the arse from that DODGY place when i was on both of those diggers not so long ago!

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