Sunday, April 22, 2012

Troopie vs 789

These amazing pictures were sent in last week by a reader. They come from the Barrick gold mine, at Porgera in PNG.

From the incident report: At approximately 1300hrs on the 13th March, a light vehicle (LV) was run over by a 789 truck on Stage 5B of the Open Pit.

There was a driver and two passengers in the LV at the time of the incident. Neither of the passengers appear to have been injured. The driver of the LV appears to have suffered a dislocated collar bone.
The two passengers were able to remove themselves from the LV unassisted. The driver of the LV required assistance to be removed from the vehicle as the steering wheel was holding him in the seat.

Statements are currently being obtained and the investigation has commenced, however early indications are that the driver of the LV approached the truck from the right side and was unsighted by the truck driver. The truck was in motion and within approximately 50m of a Shovel, it is likely he was about to turn to line up to receive a load from the shovel.

The truck stopped leaving the LV at approximately the mid point of the truck.

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