Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dozer into Light Vehicle

When I got back from my break, I saw that a lot of people submitted these photos. Some thought that they were from the Lake Vermont mine in the Bowen Basin, some from the Mt Arthur North mine in the Hunter Valley. The story, from one of the emails:

The contractor in the LV was following the dozer which was cutting an access track for the LV. The LV was following too close behind the dozer, the dozer stopped and reversed slightly to realign his cut and didn’t realise the LV was so close behind. Luckily the ripper tore the driver’s side door open which allowed the driver to escape uninjured. 


Unknown said...

Was that in South African mine BHP?

TurtleVVisperer said...

Glad to have the site back!

Anonymous said...

Definitely BHP Mt Arthur Coal Australia.
The story is pretty close to fact.
The lv was an Amarok.
This was a result of absent positive communication by the lv driver who may have had other issues\factors impairing their decision making abilities on the day.

Anonymous said...

what they don't want to tell us is that drugs were the contributing factor,a mate of mine works at that very mine,another case of sweeping it under the rug

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