Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cracked Dozer

Great photo sent in this week by a reader, from the Leigh Creek coal mine. Not really sure what's happened here, could be a bench failure underneath the machine.


Anonymous said...

How long does it take for you to post pics up

I forwarded you a heap 2 months ago and haven't seen any of them.

must have been too boring for ya !!!

Mining Mayhem said...

Sorry, not all photos that I get go up on the site right away.

I've been changing the way I select the weekly photos. Previously, I just put new photos into a random draw, with all of the my main collection, but these days, I'm trying to post new arrivals as soon as I get them.

If I'm not sure I've already got a photo in the collection, they go into a 'sorting' pile, which I go through every so often, trying to figure out if the photo already exists in the collection. Your photos may have ended up there.

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