Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coal Reclaimer Collapse

These amazing photos were sent in this week by a reader. They're from an incident that occured on the 25th of May, at the Itaguai port in Brazil.

10 people were on this reclaimer as it was preparing for maintenance. Fortunately, all escaped serious injury.


Unknown said...

Thank goodness everyone came out alright. Looks like the counterbalance structure failed which led the other half of the machine to fall down because of the apparent lack of counterbalance?

ZZP said...

It looks to be a particularly old unit.

It really shows how important it is to have a regime for replacement of old mobile machines.

Fred C . said...

I operated a staker reclaimer for over 10 yrs and i loved that job now 10 yrs retired i miss that awesome machine sometime think during storms 50 mph wind and you park it behind the biggest pile you are close to God bless all stakes operators !

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