Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lightning Strike on 777

Another great set of photos sent in by a reader of a lightning strike on a 777. From the incident report:

"On July 15, 2012 at approximately 2300 hours driver of 777F haul truck was parked at the 1135 waste dump waiting out an electrical storm.  Truck was struck by lightning causing significant damage to the rear of the truck.  One left side outside duel was propelled away from the truck approximate 250 meters.  The rim of this tire was another 50 meters further.  All 4 rear tires were blown out and cab windows shattered.  Driver exited the truck as quickly as he could and ran away to a safe distance from the truck."

"Driver exited the truck as quickly as he could." Gee, ya think?


Ian Simpson said...

Excellent Blog Mate!

Anonymous said...

"driver exited his truck because he filled his pants and stunk the cab out"

Anonymous said...

no, he didn't fill his pants, but it was on night shift and he took the next day off and went to church.

Anonymous said...

"Lightning Joe"

Anonymous said...

Haha it didn't help that the asshats kept driving away each time lightning joe got close to the truck that was there to pick him up poor guy probably almost shit his pants.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I would have stayed in the truck unless a fire forced me to vacate the cab.

Going outside exposes one to a deadly lightning strike.

The truck cab can act as a Faraday Cage which can conduct electrical currents harmlessly around occupants.

What is the pressure in those tires?
Did the tire pressure provide the force which blew stuff that far away?
Is there rubber dust in the tires which could have been "fuel" for instant combustion which exploded the tires?
Wish we could see the tires after removal.
Trebor Cadeau, USA

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