Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reclaimer Pushed By Cyclone

These great photos came in this week from a new reader of the blog.

RC702 first Long Travel

'New' FMG reclaimer first movement (not no-load commissioning). This occurred during the recent cyclone.

Instructions were to:
      ·         Ensure all LT and Slew brakes were engaged
      ·         10t sling restraining each corner of the machine
      ·         Wedges to be placed on LT wheels, and
      ·         Boom to be luffed down and secured to crane counter weights

What happened:
      ·         2 out of the 12 LT brakes were engaged
      ·         3t come-alongs were used
      ·         Wedges were not put in correctly, and
      ·         The sling securing the boom came off in the high winds

Result: the machine moved 204m up hill on the rail and only stopped when the 3 leading bogies fell off the end of the rail, and the yard hold down roller frame was tipped over and jammed into the impact table. There were no end buffers in place so these hold down bolts were ran over.

Cost: 3-4 weeks extra delays in finishing reclaimer, and damage to 200m of belt and structure.


Anonymous said...

nice expensive stuff up

Anonymous said...

wt the crp

Anonymous said...

Classic, I work there and hadn't even seen these photos

Anonymous said...

And the unions would say they deserve more money - in the old days it was peanuts and monkeys its 90% monkeys regardless of the dollars on offer .

Anonymous said...

Should of been taken to other end of rail and put in storm cradle...
Who set these original requirements? Who signed off on it being ready for a cat 4 cyclone?
If it was locked by the storm pins, as it should've been, this wouldn't have happened.

Anonymous said...

Nice how there is so much detail on what happened and how it happened. Easy to come up with so called Instructions on how to tiedown a Reclaimer after the event. Build a Reclaimer 2ks from storm cradle and dont have proper procedure to get it there with a Cat 2 Cyclone knocking at the door . So yes the Monkeys do get payed the most (FMG WP TK )and maybe these pics came from them

Anonymous said...

No storm cradle had been erected yet, the reclaimer was still under construction. No proper procedure on how to tie a reclaimer down during a cyclone without a storm cradle existed. It wasn't just one party at fault here but lots.

Anonymous said...

bullshit! storm cradle was built, at least te lock pins were ready to use.

CSPL said...

This looks terrible. I hope people in that site knew how to handle such situation. If only the company made sure that the safety recommendations were done, things like this would have been avoided and it would save them a lot of money.

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